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Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundation, Inc. GCEEF personnel pioneered “game-changer” models in these areas: Technology, Environment, Human Development.

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 Board of Directors

Anitra Thorhaug, PhD

Miami, FL

Old Lyme, CT

Burton, TX

Restoration marine plants around the world through USA, FAO, World Bank, IOC. Research of pollutant effects on marine plants, setting standards and policies for US and UN. Convenor of decision-making conferences to restore and sustain natural resources.   

Andrew Oerke

Miami, FL

Brownwood, TX

President of Partnership for Productivity carried out microfinance/microenterprise in 80 nations from1976 onward to 1988.Director of Peace Corps in Malawi, Jamaica, Uganda,

Poet-in Residence St. Andrew's University.20 years experience restoring world's coastlines.  

Ryan Jackson, M.D.

Willemstad, Curacao

El Paso, TX

Dean of Academics at Caribbean Medical University in Curacao, Board Member of the US Association of the Club of Rome, Co-author of "Future of the Western Hemisphere" and Health Committee Chair for "Future of the Arctic"  He is also Ombudsman of the Triple Nine Society. Fluent in Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Haitian Creole and conversant in several other languages due to his volunteer experience throughout Latin American and the Caribbean.

Barbara Carby, PhD

Kingston, Jamaica
 Director of Disaster RisK reduction Center at University of West Indies, Dr. Carby was previous Director General of Jamaica's Office of Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Preparedness. She is attributed with Planning the Jamaica's Disaster Preparedness planning. A geologist by training, she has enhanced Jamaica's' preparedness by disaster mapping for all parishes around the island.  This has been transmitted to Caricom nations in the Caribbean. She was Disaster Manager of Cayman Islands Disaster Preparedness. She has worked extensively with UN Disaster Preparedness. 

Jorge Lopez-Portillo, PhD

Xalapa, Vera Cruz, Mexico

INECOL Mexico. Dr. Lopez-Portillo is a mangrove expert, who has studied energy and development throughout Mexico and Central America , especially Gulf of Mexico and Western Caribbean for decades.  He is excellent in finding solutions for sustainability within the coastal and energy development process. Mapping, productivity, pollution effects.

Franklin McDonald, PhD

Kingston, Jamaica

Director Caribbean Director Office of Disaster Preparedness, Jamaica; Executive Director of the Jamaica Natural Resources Conservation Authority ;Director of the University of the West Indies Institute for Sustainable Development;Advisor to the United Nations Environment Programme in the Caribbean; more than 30 years he has designed and implemented Programmes and Projects in Engineering Geology, Landslide and Erosion Control, Hazard and Risk Assessment, Disaster Loss Reduction Policies, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Response and Economic Rehabilitation and Recovery Efforts

Hugo Tobar, PhD
Guayaquil, Ecuador

Energy and Port Engineer. Consultant to UN, to Government of Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Panama, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay. He received his PhD from MIT. Hi is an expert in Energy Futures and Environment South America and Caribbean. He was a co-author of the Energy chapter of "Future of the Western Hemisphere."

Arthur Schwarz
Keene, TX
Educator, Field Biologist.  Ph.D. Univ. Saskatchewan, Canada. Worked on environmental training and education in Uganda and then in China for 10 yrs. University of Michigan, Presently Chairman Biology and Professor Southwestern Adventist University, Keene, TX.


Helen Mills Poulos

Plantsville, CT

Expert in remotely sensed imagery interpretation and modeling for US, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America. Active in both field and technical analyses for plant resource changes in response to natural and anthropogenic disturbances and stressors.

Wesleyan University, College of the Environment. Research Associate, Yale School of Forestry.

Gladstone Bonnick

Kingston, Jamaica
Broward county, FL

A noted economist, Dr. Bonnick's knowledge and experience stem from a career of over 40 years in the field of economics. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics and has lectured locally and internationally. His professional career has seen him employed to the Ministry of Finance for over 10 years, to the Bank of Jamaica as Deputy Governor and to the World Bank, in various capacities, for over 15 years. Dr. Bonnick has served as a consultant to the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD), the World Bank, the British Development Division and the Government of Jamaica. He has also held directorships in several companies such as the Urban Development Corporation, the Bank of Jamaica, the Scientific Research Council and the Jamaica Development Bank.

Harold Wanless, Ph. D. 

Coral Gables, FL

Role: Sea level rise modeling and tropical sediment expert.  

Chair Geology, University of Miami. Dr. Wanless has studied sea level rise throughout the world’s tropics for 50 years, and particularly in the Caribbean and GOM and Atlantic, as well as Island Nations. He gives advice to a series of USA states in the GOM and the western seaboard as well as Caribbean nations such as Bahamas, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Turks & Caicos and Pacific. He is an internationally recognized sedimentologist for mangrove/seagrass/corals sediment interactions as are a series of his students. His estimates of sea level rise are based on decades of study of geological oscillations of sea level. He has specialized in interactions between tropical keystone habitats and shallow water tropical sediments especially with driving forces of hurricanes, typhoons and other intense natural events and anthropogenic intrusion. He has worked with GCEEF for 30 y. 

Timothy C.W. Ku Ph.D. 

Middletown, CT

Associate Professor of Earth & Environmental Sciences, Wesleyan University, biogeochemist, carbon/lead analyses and interpretation. Ku has extensive experience collecting near shore sediment cores, organic matter, and sediment pore waters from Florida Bay, Panama, Saint Lucia, Puerto Rico, the Pacific and elsewhere. The Ku lab houses the Elemental Analyzer, muffle furnace, centrifuge, and analytical balances to be used in this work. Dr. Ku utilizes the mercury analyzer (Varekamp lab) and field coring equipment.  Tim has published papers using the methodologies for (210Pb, %C, %N, C/N, δ13Corg, δ13CDIC) in (Ku et al., 1999; Best et al., 2007; Walter et al., 2007; Ku et al., 2008), Ku et al. (1999) directly links seagrass activity, and the Ku et al. (1999) publication links seagrass activity to sediment carbonate dissolution.