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Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundation, Inc. GCEEF personnel pioneered “game-changer” models in these areas: Technology, Environment, Human Development.

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We will get you the most for your donations.

For every dollar you donate, we leverage more than $3,300 US dollars that go directly to work within Haiti.

1.) What we are doing in real time.

Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundation (GCEEF) has a highly cost-effective and medically efficient effort in Haiti. GCEEF mounted their large effort to help Haitian Physicians and medical workers to get support and training in emergency medicine simultaneously with treating injured Haitians via numbers of US and international medical teams helping victims of the earthquake on the ground in Port-au-Prince last week Wednesday. Team 1 was the 23-person medical team from Notre Dame they helped fly in on Jan 12th. Team two on Sunday Jan 17th was 30 Haitian physicians and a French TV crew of 2. Team 3 flew in Wednesday Jan 20th with 5 including 2 physicians, an experienced emergency nurse and a United Nations emergency coordinator. Team 4 with 4 physicians and 3 nurses flew in Wednesday Jan 27th from Miami. Team 5 is international medical rescue workers from Asia and the tsunami and were on the ground on Feb. 3rd at the Dr. Sanon clinics. The Greater Caribbean Energy and Environment Foundation, founded in 1986, is based in Miami and directed by a former Peace Corps Director in Malawi and Jamaica,and  development President of Partners for Productivity Andrew Oerke, now CEO of GCEEF and Dr. Anitra Thorhaug (President), who is also a researcher  at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.  The Secretary General of the United Nations Boutros Ghali sent them to 7 Gulf nations to make the definitive emergency response and restoration plan for the Gulf War II Oil Spill. They have been involved in many disaster rescue and long-term relief efforts around the world in the last decades. Anitra Thorhaug is also a reseacher at Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and is a former faculty at Univ. of Miami Medical School and Medical School Univ. California at Berkeley. Mr. Oerke was Dean of Administration at the Miami-Dade Community College Medical Center.In November 2010, Andrew was presented with the USA Club of Rome Lifetime Achievement Awards for his cutting edge work in microfinance in more than 60 nations around the world since 1966.
Back to Haiti. Although many granting agencies shun giving money to Haiti because of widespread corruption, Andrew Oerke’s GCEEF has a proven track record in doing credible work there in micro-finance, cleaning up oil spills, and helping to protect drinking water. GCEEF has an established office in Port-au-Prince with an active staff.
In Haiti, teams will be working with a well known Haitian physician, Dr. Christian Sanon, who has 3 clinics and also works now from several converted churches and a nursing school and local NGO, Centre Chretien pour Les Enfants et les Femmes in Petionville. They originally converted Dr. Sanon’s primary care clinic into an ER. A UN/FAO coordinator has joined the team in Miami. There are two trucks from Servol Kredi and two jeeps which will coordinate delivery of medical supplies, water, and food for the injured in the clinics. 

Now Fondation Pour Les Enfants et Les Femmes  and GCEEF are founding a nursing school to care for rural poor who are vastly under-served medically, expecially in the mountains of the earthquake behind Legane and Gressier.  They also have a strategic alliance with Precision Prosthetics of Wyoming helping these amputees of Gressier and Leogane.

Dr. Ryan C. Jackson, is still encouraging  medical teams, especially to work with amputees , with chlorera victims, and with the nursing school instruction. Because there are many health care providers and we encourage RPCV's, those who are interested in serving with GCEEF to provide health care and train Haitian medical workers simultaneously contact Anitra at 305-858-0014 or fax 305-858-6697 or email
E. Jackson Allison, Jr. MD/MPH, FACEP (Malawi 1967-69) (the chief physician of the medical rescue mission in Haiti) is a Professor of Emergency Medical Care at Western Carolina University. He also served a 3-year tour with the Peace Corps in Malawi, Central Africa, where he was a public health Volunteer in the bush. After Peace Corps, Jack went to medical school, and recently retired after a 30-year career in academic emergency medicine. He has done three public health stints in Africa — a USAID mission in Tanzania in 82, a Project Hope Mission in Malawi in 94, and US State Department mission in Malawi in 05 — the latter two involved helping to eradicate AIDS in that Central African country. The other team leaders of physicians are Juan March, Dr. Tom Powers, and Dr. Ryan Jackson and Camille.

Additionally, we are attempting to commence a restoration of nearshore fish project in Haiti.

GCEEF is able to accept donations via credit card on its web site If you are willing to help, you will definitely be confident that your donation will get directly to the injured and health needy people of Haiti. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andrew and/or Anitra directly @ 305-858-0014. Every donated dollar will leverage fifty two additional dollars, of which 34 will go directly to work on the ground in Haiti.

2.) Summary Update

a.) Only 22% of donations get to the field in Haiti and that is the highest percentage among the large donor agencies, according to the latest independent study of Haiti donors. So far, GCEEF has received $11,126 in donations and has leveraged $2,525,800 of which $348,300 went directly to Haiti in services to those in need.

b.) Our services have included:

1.) GCEEF sent directly and /or facilitated more than 100 doctors to Haiti during the immediate emergency phase.

2.) When the worst of the emergency was over, GCEEF established a Public Health and Wellness Program in Gressier District about twenty miles west of Port-au-Prince. This program gives training especially for children and mothers in schools, churches, orphanages and in community groups in personal hygiene, personal and community sanitation, clean and boiled drinking water, waste disposal, insect-and-people-vectored diseases, and in all aspects of prevention before it is too late, or is too late because curative procedures are too expensive.

3.) GCEEF organized the UN, local government officials and community groups to remove 4,000 tons of garbage from the district.

4.) Gressier District lies in one of the fifty three vulnerable watersheds, flood zones areas of Haiti. Now that the rainy season and the hurricane season have started, it is vulnerable, especially since the refugees and the now-homeless have often pitched their tents in the flood zones. GCEEF has sent a geologist and two engineers to map the safe versus the vulnerable areas, and has begun a removal and education program to shift people from the gullies and ravines to higher ground. GCEEF has also produced a CD in Creole that DJ’s will be playing on the radio, warning those camping in the flood zones to move to safer ground. This music and lyrics will be accompanied by puppet shows, art work, and comic books for educational use.

5.) Also for educational use, a Public Health and Wellness Manual is presently being produced in Creole for widespread use in Haiti and indeed elsewhere. In simple, basic and self-help terms it lays out all that people can do themselves to avoid the serious consequences of poor health, high infant and maternal mortality, shortened lifespan, and decreased productivity due to various pathologies.

6.) So far GCEEF has provided and fitted fifteen prosthetic limbs to amputee victims of the earthquake and need the funds to fit an additional five limbs in waiting. In the immediate area, there are 3,434 more to go. Our prosthetic surgeon and therapist do a customized fitting that will last a lifetime rather than the usual “peg-leg” attachment which, however, is so much better than nothing.



3. Who our partners are at this moment:

* Christian Children Fund for Families and Infants

* USA Club of Rome

* Botanical Society of America

* Mitchell Family Foundation

* Individual Donors

* Centre Chretien pour les Enfants et les Femmes

Haiti Earthquake :

5.) How to contribute

We need help now with our work. To bring our prosthetic expert  and his therapist from Wyoming to Haiti costs us $2,500 and an additional $800 for each customized limb donated to us to be fitted to the individual. (Our limbs are customized so they do not wear out or cause blisters.)

Send check in any denomination or on line. Click the button below.

Donate now

Your contribution goes immediately to medical supplies and doctors working in three clinics in Haiti. GCEEF has already put all of its assets into disaster relief activities. We urgently need more for Doctor transport, food and water to sustain them, medical supplies, and gas for our vehicles to transport and collect the victims.

Maximize your charitable deduction and deliver immediate benefits to GCEEF and let us plant right away. We recommend this be a portion of your gift. We are a 501-c-3 charity of the US tax code.


The IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities.

Real Estate
Make a substantial gift to the GCEEF through a transfer of residential, commercial, industrial properties or land. We can recommend a realty firm who will facilitate this.

Retirement Assets
Donate to the GCEEF with a tax-free distribution from your IRA.

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A convenient and flexible way to manage your charitable giving and a cost-effective alternative to establishing a private foundation.

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Give the GCEEF an interest in a closely-held or family business.

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Donate boats, houses, medical & scientific equipment and secure an income tax deduction.

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