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Greater Caribbean Energy & Environment Foundation, Inc. GCEEF personnel pioneered “game-changer” models in these areas: Technology, Environment, Human Development.

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The GCEEF Programs:

Haiti Earthquake Relief

1. Physician & Health Professionals to Clinics to Haiti

2. Distribution of medical supplies& pharmaceuticals to Haiti

3. Facilitation of the wounded treatments

4. Facilitation and distribution of water and supplies

1. Restoration Programs around the world:

• Fish nurseries

• Coral reefs

• Mangrove forests

• Coastal areas

• Marshes

• Forests (boreal and tropical)

• Dune grass

• Eroded or depleted soil

2. Prevention and cleanup

• Oil spills

• Hazardous wastes

• Sewage wastes

• Toxic substances

• Mining spoil

• Herbicides and pesticides

• Toxicity testing and standards

• Heated wastes

3. Microcredit and micro-credit for the poorest of the poor

design and evaluation and start-up.

4. Education and Communication

• Training for villagers

• Conferences

• Media Communications

• Scientific papers

• Workshops

5. Research and Development

• Oil spills clean-up

• Toxicity testing of hazardous wastes

• Rehabilitation of fish nursery

• Artificial breeding reefs

• Cost benefit analysis

                                                                           Futures computer modeling